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The HOCTAR (Host gene Opposite Correlated TARgets) tool is a new procedure to improve the prediction of miRNA targets. The HOCTAR procedure is based on the integration of expression profiling and sequence-based miRNA target recognition softwares. HOCTAR also provides tentative assignments of miRNA function based on Gene Ontology analyses of their predicted targets. HOCTAR data can be queried by using different key terms such microRNA names or Target Gene symbols.

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V. A. Gennarino, M. Sardiello, R. Avellino, N. Meola, V. Maselli, S. Anand, L. Cutillo, A. Ballabio, S. Banfi

MicroRNA target prediction by expression analysis of host genes
Genome Res. March 2009 19:481-490; Published in Advance December 16, 2008

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